Firearm Engraving With Laser
(Deep or Etch)

Trust Name Engraving: Cost is $50.00 (1, 2, or 3 line)

Logo Engraving (Deep Engrave) on right side of AR lower: Cost is
$75.00 plus any art processing required for laser to engrave it on gun.

Custom Engraving: Cost is based on laser engrave time and any
required art processing. Text is not art.
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Laser Engraved in a readable location. The minimum depth required is .003 inches and .0625 inches in
height. We engrave it to .03 inches so that you can coat the gun with any of the coating products without
problem of being able to read it after coating. We can engrave through any coating products without
problems. We can also apply blackening agent that leaves the surface permanently coated and protected in
the engraved area. We can engrave on almost any location on the gun and there is no need to strip the gun
for us to engrave it.